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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Press Release: World Celebrates, US Rejoices at the Triumphant Return of The Good Times Blog

With the pomp and circumstance regularly afforded only to visiting dignitaries and the season finale of American Idol, The Good Times Blog announced today its triumphant return to the internet.   Following years of speculation on when, if ever, the infamous tome would find its way back into the limelight it once held so dear, GTB founders said simply, “Now. Now is the time.” 

“You know, we didn’t mean to be away for so long.” said Lulu, GTB’s Editor-in-Chief “we just ran out of things to talk about.  Shit got real with the war on terror and everybody seemed to be keepin’ it in their pants.  Twitter took off and breaking the story on 2nd hand celebrity gossip quickly became harder and harder to do.  We aren’t a blog run by ambitious or innovative people.  We recycle stories and add our opinion (as fact) somewhere towards the end.  In an age where ‘news’ travels so quickly, we just couldn’t keep up.” 

But still their loyal follows clamored for more.  “At least once a year, somebody would ask me what ‘happened to that blog you started’ and wonder if it was a ‘phase’ like that time I ‘dressed like Clarissa Explains it All’ for a few days when I was 12. Our fans really seemed dedicated to reading it when they remembered that it was there.” Said Lulu. 

So what brought the world’s best source for 2nd hand celebrity gossip and half-assed political commentary back from the grave? “That’s simple. Petraeus. The love octagon is just too good to pass up and should easily fuel at least 3 days of easy stories. Once it gets hard again, we will probably go away (that's what she said). We are happy to be back and we look forward to bringing you all the news you could get more accurately somewhere else!” So do we GTB, so do we.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This web log seems to be a completely legitimate source of news.

11:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous poster. Most of our stories are garnered from fact.

1:38 PM

Anonymous toolazytologin said...

Welcome back!

5:12 PM

Blogger lookoutcourt said...

Welcome back to the interwebs GTB!

6:53 AM


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