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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Double Congrats Supreme Leader

Anyone who reads the GTB has already heard the incredible news!  Kim Jong Un, the newest member of our Top 5 Dictators Hot List, was named The Onion's Sexiest Man Alive for 2012.  To celebrate the win, People's Daily Online (the Official Paper of the Communist Party of China) put together a 55-IMAGE spread of some of Kim Jong Un's hottest looks!  
We are worried about two things.  

Our first concern is that People's Daily really seemed to jump on this "See, Dictatorships can not only be a 'perfectly "ok" form of government' but Dictators themselves can also Super Sexxxxy" news piece. I mean...a 55 photo spread about the (satirical) accomplishment of another country's Supreme Leader?  It is walking a thin line between propaganda and Bunny Boiler if you ask us. 

Second, we are a little worried that they are going to figure out that The Onion isn't a "real" source for "news" (it will take awhile as China isn't known as a country with "outstanding access to a wide-variety of international news sources"), get embarrassed and take the whole thing down (Don't feel bad People's Daily! There is an entire Tumblr dedicated to idiots who post Onion stories as fact!). As such we have gone ahead and archived the photo spread for you, our Supreme Readers.  No small task considering that they found 55 pictures of KJU looking simply dashing.

Click here to see the gallery.

Since you and I both know you won't look at the gallery, we will share with you, our all-time favorite KJU picture (so far). We call this one "Terrified Citizens Pose With Completely Unaware, but Also Super Sexxxy Dictator"


Anonymous stillthinkingupaname said...

You're not kidding about those citizens, dang.

I actually did click through to the gallery and got a "You need permission to access this item." message.

Welcome back!

11:48 AM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

Thanks for letting us know stillthinkingupaname. We didn't know how to use Google Drive, but we think we have fixed the situation. Please enjoy Dear Reader.

9:42 AM


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