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Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Looking for a Christmas gift that for your co-worker who spends more time talking about 80's hair bands on Facebook than on work? Hoping to find a solid argument for why the government should provide free birth control (and maybe MANDATORY birth control to anyone with lip implants) to toss at your super conservative uncle this Thanksgiving? Allow me to present to you, the Roctuplets!

"Who are the Roctuplets?" you ask?  They are Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's kids (all 8 of the octuplets plus 5 of their additional siblings for a total of 13.  Nadya's 14th child, Aiden, is Autistic and was not included in production of the song or video) and they are releasing a Christmas single!

Penned by rapper Romeo Holloway, "I'm Ready for Christmas" is a jaunty romp that stops just short of making you want to punch yourself right in the ears.  The song is available on iTunes, but the video is available for free! If you are sad that network television doesn't show enough footage of dead eyed children being forced to wear Santa hats and sing a really awful "Christmas" song (off key)*, this video is exactly what you need to fill that void (Click HERE to view).

Nadya Suleman has done a lot over the last few years to try to make ends meet.  Most recently she appeared in the adult film Octomom Uncovered (produced by Wicked Pictures),  scored a fairly successful gig as a dancer at the Playhouse Gentleman's Club in (classy) Hallandale, FL, and kicked butt in the ring on Celebrity Boxing (until she was banned for life for bad behavior.  Seriously.  Banned from CELEBRITY BOXING for being irresponsible...yep, true story).  Last month though, Nadya checked into rehab for treatment of "stress and anxiety" (to be read Xanax) and it looks like it is now up to her kids to put food on the table. 

Give it a go.  They are like a less talented, much sadder, Partridge Family or the Brady Bunch if Carol and Mike had 8 more children and then started an amateur porn site so they could pay Alice's salary.

* For the record, we aren't bashing these poor children.  We are bashing their mother for exploiting them.  Because she is terrible.


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