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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Loves His Marriage...Enough to Strangle His Wife

Bradley Gellert of Tampa, Florida was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery last night after attempting to strangle his wife. The couple was fighting over drugs.

This is probably the point in the story where you are wondering if we are just posting this story to give Bradley Gellert another shout out as an D-bag on Google (think "DWI Hit Parade" from the St. Mary's Today for all of our readers from down County), we just want you to see the shirt he was wearing in his mugshot. Puffy hearts his marriage, but apparently not enough to NOT beat his wife. He should take a tip from Chris Brown and send her an iPod. Maybe they too could move past the domestic abuse and do a duet together!

For the record, Bradley Gellert works for Ameriprise, but we ask you to NOT hold this guy against them. We have an Ameriprise Financial planner and while he does love irony, he has never tried to strangle us.

*Thanks to Bucket for the tip!


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

That's McG-ruffed Up

Since most of the GTB's readership are DC natives or at the very least, long-term imports, we thought you would enjoy the story of Metro bus driver Shawn Brim and his very bad idea.

On Saturday, while driving his bus downtown, Brim came upon McGruff the Crime Dog handing out fliers about crime prevention to children on the street. Brim stopped, walked off the bus, adjusted his side view mirrors...and punched McGruff in the face, terrifying the group of children who had stopped to meet the famous anti-crime advocate and learn how they could take a bite out of crime (and deal with bullies).

Brim then got back on his bus and drove away. He later told his supervisor that he had chosen to beat up McGruff simply because he thought it would be funny. Brim is undergoing drug and alcohol testing, and his continued employment with Metro be determined.

Let's tell the truth, who amongst us hasn't thought about punching McGruff the Crime Dog? With his trenchcoat and his life lessons, he is utterly punchable, but that's where the fantasy has to end. You don't actually do it and if you are going to do it, wait until you get off work. Not a sermon, just a thought.