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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Of All the Things You Could Smuggle from Dubai

An Australian man, returning from a trip to Dubai, was arrested for smuggling 2 pigeon eggs, 2 live pigeons, and an undeclared eggplant through customs. The man was detained after officials found the eggs in a vitamin container. The subsequent search yielded the 2 live pigeons, wrapped in padded envelopes and shoved inside the mans pants. No word on where they found the eggplant.

Why bother with pigeons when you could leave Dubai with pants full of crude oil? I'm also not sure why he bothered with the padded envelopes. Looks like the pigeons could have been quite cozy in that mangrove he is masquerading as leg hair.



Blogger The Pink Totebag said...

Saw this on the news. Thought of you guys. I just don't understand a few things. Dubai is really far away, so:

1) How did he keep them quiet?
2) How did he keep them from crapping all over the place?
3) Why was it so important for him to bring them with him? Are they his pets? Snacks for the flight? I mean, the airlines are getting cheap on the meals these days, but still...

10:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The secret to good pigeon smuggling is entirely in the envelopes. If your envelopes have that small, dense inner bubble wrap, the moans of displeasure (or delight) coming from the bird will be well-muffled. And much like yeast fermenting a fine wine (cooler), the wastes that the pigeon-birds create will eventually cause the birds to perish. I have a feeling that these rich but reclusive Dubai pigeon-birds are smart enough not to poo die.

Tuffy 'Dad of the Future'

12:10 PM


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