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Monday, February 09, 2009

I am Running out of Companies to Buy Gas From

In 1998 there was a shooting on a Chevron oil rig off the coast of Nigeria that left 2 unarmed protesters dead. The peaceful protest was staged by villagers who sought jobs as compensation for the damage the rig had done to their fisheries and farmland. After the shooting, the villagers sued Chevron and (shockingly) lost. Now Chevron, presumably in an attempt to discourage any future law suits, is suing the villagers to recoup their legal fees. Chevron is asking for $495,000 ($190,000 for copy costs alone). You might recall that Chevron made $23.8 Billion in profits last year, good thing since they had to spend all that money on copies. I'm sure the Nigerian villagers will be able to pony up the cash if they put off getting their greedy little mouths on clean drinking water for another hundred years.

P.S. Does "Human Energy" make anyone else think that Chevron fuels its refineries with human souls or maybe babies?



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