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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Sign Was A Bad Choice....Happy Halloween!

So I had a great idea to save money this Halloween. I would make a sign that said "No Candy", hang it in my (parent's) window, turn out the lights and wait for the stream of disappointed kids to pass my house. Turns out that was a bad call since in Maryland, the "No Candy" sign is what registered sex offenders have to hang on their doors to keep the kiddies away. Good thing my parents had already bought some candy so we could avoid an uncomfortable and embarassing situation with the neighbors.

For more information on how some states combat "Strangers W
ith Candy" on the holiday made to facilitate children taking candy from strangers, click here.



Blogger scooterlulu said...

You accidentally branded yourself a sex offender!

classic lulu right there!

9:46 AM


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