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Monday, October 15, 2007

From The GTB Mailbag...

We got an e-mail tip from a reader that so perfectly summarized the story she was submitting for consideration that we decided to start a whole new GTB feature just so we could post her e-mail in its entirety. Here you go:

Hey Blogsters!
I heard about this story on the radio and thought it was worthy of the blog. Its about the 6 yr old who was hungry and decided to drive himself to Applebees. The funniest part is that he thought it was okay to drive but not okay to drive without using his safety seat (which he moved from the back seat up to the front seat).

His parents clearly communicated YES to using the safety seat, but forgot to communicate the part about NO to driving underage. -Annie S.

All I can say is, good thing the kid didn't actually make it to Applebee's since Applebee's has been known to let children booze it up. That kid could be doin' time Kiefer Sutherland style!



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