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Monday, July 16, 2007

Virginia is good for two things!*

Number one: The Trader Joe's in Virginia sell beer and wine (Get on board Maryland).

Number two: Senator Jim Webb

In case anyone missed it, Senator Webb took Senator Lindsey Graham to the toolshed on Sunday during meet the press. And If you are like me you did miss it because....well.....I don't watch meet the press.

This all started because Webb has this INSANE idea that when military men and women return from fighting in Iraq they should get a break before being shipped back out. In other words, if you serve for a year you get a year off. Graham responded to Webb's amendment saying, "This would be the greatest politicization of military action in the history of the country."
Excuse me? The GREATEST? I seriously doubt that.

I think this video highlights the current state of debate. Webb relies on facts, citing a recent New York times poll that shows opposition to the war among military members and families is at a similar level to the American public.

Then you've got Graham who simply repeats over and over that the troops want to win. Nice rebuttal Lindsey, except for one problem: Webb never argued that the troops want to lose!

*of course the GTB is not crapping on all things VA, some of our best friends are Virginians!


Blogger (A Little) Gris Gris said...

FYI - One year deployed, one year home actually means one year deployed, 8 months home, 4 months of pre deployment work ups, and another 1 year deployed. So, to be frank, and I always am, 1:1 isn't enough.

4:41 PM


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