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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who Said There Was No Such Thing as a Bad Idea?

I would have given this the Tara-ble Idea Award, but I don't think it qualifies since it (unfortunately) never came to fruition.

The Sunshine Project, a military watchdog group based out of Austin, Texas, recently released information it had gathered regarding a U.S. Military proposal from 1994 that suggested one option for a non-lethal weapon that the U.S. could use against its enemies might be a "Gay Bomb". A "Gay Bomb", as it was theorized, would expose the enemy to a chemical/hormone that would make them so full of homosexual lust that they would be incapable of fighting. The proposal originated in a military lab in Ohio and requested $7.5 million to investigate the project. Ultimately the proposal was denied, but not before it made its way to the highest scientific review panel for the U.S. Military.

I don't think we need to spend a dime on this project. All you've gotta do is put some Ecstasy in the water supply, dole out the glow sticks and wine coolers, wait and watch. Everybody knows it is just that easy to "catch Gay".

*Thanks to Dr. Bombay AND Bucket for the tip.



Blogger (A Little) Gris Gris said...

How did I know that the gay bomb would make it's way to the GTB?!?! I R SMRT.

Upon hearing about the gay bomb on the evening news, my husband (a highly practical and generally insensitive man) recommended a Viagra bomb. If our highly respected government and military officials entertained the idiotic notion of a bomb that would initiate, well, all that a gay bomb would initiate, then I find a Viagra bomb entirely possible. Certainly a Viagra bomb would provide similar impediments to fighting without requiring complete genetic engineering.


8:50 AM

Anonymous Reebs said...

If some other country dropped a gay bomb on our troops, would all those guys get kicked out of the military?

10:30 AM

Anonymous miremaiden said...

Imagine the military embracing “Make love not war!”

12:19 PM


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