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Monday, May 14, 2007

Wolfie Still Has Cheney's Support

When asked this weekend if he thought Paul "Wolfie" Wolfowitz (who you may remember from such disasters as "The War in Iraq") should remain head of the World Bank, even amidst accusations of scandal and corruption, Vice President Dick Cheney said "I think Paul is one of the most able public servants I've ever known, and I've worked with him a lot over the years. I think he's a very good president of the World Bank."

What does it do to your credibility these days when Dick "The war is going great and Saddam had WMD's" Cheney vouches for you? Do you get immediately fired or is it more of a tar and feather kind of thing? Or worse, is the World Bank the one place where Dick Cheney still has credibility?

Poor Wolfie would be better off getting a recommendation from David Hasselhoff or Alberto Gonzales...or maybe Satan. Maybe he could have Alec Baldwin make a call on his behalf too! It reminds me of the time that Mike Tyson endorsed Michael Steele for the U.S. Senate (and said he wanted to fight women for "charity").

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