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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Israeli Man Shows Off

If you have already heard this story somewhere else, you had to know it would show up here on the GTB. This is the kind of story that we live for and I feel the need to share it with those of you who rely solely on the GTB for your news and information.

An Israeli man and his family are safe today after a
wild leopard leaped through the window of their home and climbed into bed with them. The man, dressed only in his underwear, wrestled the leopard to the ground and held it pinned down for 20 minutes until help arrived.

So this guy was sleeping in bed with his family and a LEOPARD came through the window and jumped in bed with them. The man then wrestled the leopard to the ground. Yeah, I know I just said that, but it is so unbelievable that I had to say it again.

This sounds like something that happened to me once. Just replace the words "this guy" with the word "I", the words "his family" with "a pizza", the word "leopard" with "hammerhead shark", "them" with "me", "the man" with "I", and finally "wrestled the leopard to the ground" with "restrained the shark, and over time trained it to do my bidding and get me beers."

Simply amazing.

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Red Baron lives on?

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