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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Heartwarming Story for a Change

With people suing their dry cleaners for $65 Million for losing a pair of pants and with President Bush threatening to veto the hate crimes bill, I thought we needed an uplifting story. So I went in search of something that might bring a tear to your eye. Here's what I found...

Jessica May wants people to stop and think about the wildlife around them. She wants people to take a moment out of their busy day and acknowledge the promising lives cut short by the hustle and bustle of America's highways. She wants people to think, however briefly, about roadkill.

How, you may ask, is Ms. May ever going to get people to slow down and consider the lives of the lowly animals that have been run down by their gas guzzling SUV's and environmentally/economically friendly hybrids? Simple! She finds roadkill, then dresses it in human baby clothes. Sometimes she even paints their nails. Then she leaves the fancied up carcass where she found it for others to admire.

It is an odd project and I can't say that it is the best use of time I have heard of this week, but I have to admire her efforts to take stock of the world around her and admit this is a valiant attempt at getting others to do the same. I much prefer to send around e-petitions and not wear fur but whatever blows your skirt up.

*The squirrel pictured above is alive and well. He is Sugarbush Squirrel and I recommend you visit his website.

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Anonymous Reebs said...

This story strikes a chord, as a few weeks ago I took out a bird on the GW Parkway. It hopped right out in front of my car from the median strip, and if you've ever driven on that road, you know that swerving would have meant taking out another car on my way into the Potomac. I will admit that even though I'm not a fan of birds, I felt bad for having run him down.

Alas, I fear that Jessica May would not have been able to do much with the cloud of feathers I saw in my rearview mirror... RIP Mr. Birdy.

10:30 AM

Blogger Carrie F. said...

My dad once ran over an extremely suicidal cat. We were the only car on a very long stretch of road and I swear the fuzzball waited until we were right there and then attempted to play chicken with my dad's Datsun. I spent about two months thinking my dad was a cold hearted, kitty-cat murderer.

10:11 AM


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