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Monday, April 09, 2007

Government Keeps Chinese Idol on Tight Leash

"Happy Boys Voice", the second edition of the Chinese version of American Idol is being urged by the Chinese government to "uphold high moral standards". They are urging contestants to choose songs that are "'healthy and ethically inspiring' in order to create a good atmosphere for China's 17th Party Congress, the Communist Party's five-yearly leadership meeting to be held later this year."

The first edition of the show, which was called "Super Girls" and featured all female performers, was criticized because the Chinese Government believed it "preached the wrong concept of instant riches and fame".

Communism, great on paper, poor in practice.*

*Please enjoy this post now. It will be removed when the Chinese finally cash in and take ownership of the U.S. of A. This will probably take place pretty soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No joke in that footnote, the only place getting anything out of Iraq is China. They officially own our tushy.

4:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm, I think Iran is making out pretty nicely, too.

You know what I can't understand about China? How they plan on sustaining that population growth. I mean, just looking at the demographics - you have to figure that eventually those two decades of literally throwing baby girls in the trash has got to catch up with them. Or have they been secretly growing people in tubes for years and just not telling us?

9:16 AM

Blogger lookoutcourt said...

Maybe Bush really secretly sold China all of the frozen embryos we have here and that's why he is relentless in his promises to veto the stem cell legislation. Of course, that means that China is going to have an incredibly American looking Generation Snowflake. It might effect their cultural traditions, but hey, when you are a snowflake baby, you are capable of adapting to anything.

8:41 AM


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