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Thursday, March 29, 2007

We Are Both Leaving Town for a Few Days...

Scooter and Lulu will be out of town for a few days, but we wanted to give you something to discuss in our absence.

Topic: Circuit City, Where Service Couldn't Possibly be State of the Art Because they Just Fired 3,400 Salespeople who they Believe to Be "Overpaid"

Commentary: Circuit City announced that it will fire 3,400 employees (9% of their in-store workforce) that they consider to be "overpaid". The employees that are getting the ax are, one would assume for the most part, the employees who have been there the longest, hence their inflated hourly wage. So essentially, Circuit City will shave the most experienced 9% of their employees right off the top. This will save them money, but don't expect them to pass those savings onto you in the form of lower priced electronics. Your new car stereo will cost the same, it will just be installed in place of your engine by a kid who failed 10th grade shop class.

Welcome to Circuit City, Where Service is State of the Art!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lulu, say hello to Britney for us. Oh, thats right she dis her time and has left the roost.

9:56 AM


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