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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Unicorns Can't Drive

Phillip C. Holliday Jr. of Billings, Montana is in a bunch of trouble after his truck ran a red light and almost crashed into another vehicle before making an "erratic U-turn" through a gas station and crashing into a light post. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident. When questioned by police, Holliday told them that they should be talking to the real culprit...the unicorn that had been driving his truck at the time of the accident.

This is Holliday's 6th drunk driving arrest and mostly likely will be his 6th drunk driving conviction.

*Thanks to Howlingjay for the tip.



Blogger Fumbles said...

I hear ligers aren't very good drivers either.

9:45 AM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

False. Ligers are amazing drivers because they use Magik.-Lulu

10:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't unicorns use magic? I bet that unicorn was drunk and just giving other perfectly responsible unicorn-drivers a bad name.

10:19 AM

Blogger (A Little) Gris Gris said...

No, no, no. Unicorns have drinking skills, Ligers have driving skills and Uniligers have drunk driving skills. Goshhhh!

11:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss my "My Little Pony" collection.

12:50 PM


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