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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maybe Just What the Middle East Needs

This summer, Hooters will open its first restaurant in Israel. Known for their delicious wings* and good clean family fun, Hooters is hoping to find a niche market in the city of Tel Aviv. Israeli franchise owner, Ofer Ahiraz, believes that Hooters may be just what the citizens of Tel Aviv have been looking for. While the location of the new restaurant has yet to be decided, Ahiraz has stated that he will not situate the restaurant near any large religious populations.

I think that bringing Hooters to the Middle East might be just what the doctor ordered. It is like that old saying "Give the people wholesome food and scantily clad women and peace will follow." Off the top of my head, I don't remember who said that, but I'm sure it was somebody who won a Nobel prize or something.

*And by delicious wings I mean slutty uniforms.

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Anonymous reebs said...

Are buffalo wings kosher? Will they also serve falafel? Because I here that's good over there. Who knows, maybe Hooters will change up its menu a bit to match the local flavor.

4:21 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, the restaurant will NOT be kosher. -Lulu

4:27 PM

Anonymous dr. bombay said...

After consultation with a rabbi I know, it turns out that buffalo wings could be kosher if the deep fryer has been through a Mikvah, and the oil, chicken, and buffalo sauce have received their kosher certification. Also, they couldn't serve them with Blue Cheese, which I think kind of defeats the purpose.

8:23 AM

Anonymous Salvages said...

You left out that the chicken has to be slaughtered in a particular way, and how does not having blue cheese get in the way of looking at scantily clad, busty women? (a non-dairy ranch dressing would do just fine, anyway.)

Strange bit is I'm sure most of the meat suppliers in Israel would use a kosher slaughter--wouldn't you think? A Mikvah is not that hard. I don't get why they wouldn't go the extra half-step to make the place kosher--sure they'd have to leave the fried oysters and popcorn-shrimp off the menu, but like the blue cheese, their absence would not effect the bustiness of the women.

9:45 AM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

hmmmm...maybe they realize nobody goes there for the food anyway?? Like "Why bother putting in the tiny bit of effort required to make the food that our restaurant serves edible for a decent proportion of the population. As long as the ladies are half naked, the people will come!"

10:18 AM

Anonymous scooter said...

In high school I used to go to hooters with my friend kevin all the time. I claimed i went because i liked the wings not to ogle the hooter(they are actually quite tasty, the wings that is) and everyone scoffed at me.

Looks like i got the last laugh.


12:17 PM

Anonymous Dr. Bombay said...


I mean it kind of defeats the purpose of the wings. It does nothing to deter from the boob watching that the resturant otherwise promotes.

I'll also note (since I consider myself an expert on wings) that the wings at Hooters are lousy, and that claiming that it is a destination restaurant because they are so good is like saying you read Playboy for the articles.

4:00 PM


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