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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Introducing our newest feature! Since we can't post about every amazing thing our readers send us for investigation, we're starting "Hot Tips: A Quick and Dirty Rundown of Things We Wouldn't Want You to Miss". If you have a hot tip, feel free to e-mail it to us at:

GoodTimesBlog[at]gmail[dot] com

Now for the tips:

  • Did you know you can get drunk off of hand sanitizer? I didn’t, but an inmate at a Maryland Correctional Facility did! The sheer brilliance of the idea astounds me. Turns out Purell isn’t any more dangerous than drinking regular alcohol and it will get you drunk much quicker with its 70% alcohol content. Thanks to Reebs for the tip.

  • New Jersey (my favorite state) has warned its residents to not eat squirrel more than twice a week since some squirrels have been eating at the toxic waste dump and have been found to contain higher than average amounts of lead. I wish this was a joke, but it isn’t. New Jersey has a toxic waste dump, and squirrels that eat there, and it has people who eat said squirrels, apparently more than twice a week on average. Wow. That story couldn’t be much better. Thanks to Claire for the tip.

  • There is a funeral home in Wisconsin that is decorated with stuffed dead animals posed to look like they are doing amusing things like playing basketball or hula dancing. The owner of the home says, "This is to show kids when they come for a funeral and they cry”. The guy gets props for trying, but I think if I was a kid and I was at a funeral home wondering “what will happen to Grandpa in the afterlife?”, I would be a little confused if my query was answered with a trip to see a display of dead squirrels made to look like they are playing cards in a dimly lit saloon. Thanks to Anonymous for the tip.



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