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Friday, January 05, 2007

Virgina Punished with 2-Headed Calf Monster*

First the great state of Virginia puts reported bigot, Virgil Goode into office, and then they are blessed with the birth of a 2-headed calf. While science can’t identify a concrete link between the two seemingly separate instances, it also can’t tell us the answer to “Why would anyone drink Stag Beer?” Maybe there are things we aren’t meant to know, but I sense Virginia is in trouble with someone important.

*This story would be better if the calf WAS actually a monster. Apparently she is very sweet. Maybe an evil 2-headed calf is punishment for Virgil Goode while a nice 2-headed calf is reward for the good things that come out of Virginia, like…um…yeah, I can’t think of anything but Virgil Goode and tobacco, so clearly the birth of that crazy beast (sweet as she may be) is a bad sign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff from virginia:
blue crabs,
Thomas Jefferson,
Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran,
Mark Warner

12:55 PM

Anonymous baybreak720 said...

...and they did elect Tim Kaine over George Allen. I think the cow represents good stuff, like the fact that Northern VA was able to pull the last election into the Blue. Let's not just assume that because she has some deformity that her cow mommy isn't out in the pasture, proudly passing around her picture from the paper...

11:47 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

Baybreak makes a good point. Assuming that 2-faced cow baby is evil JUST because she has 2 heads fused together, was wrong of me. I hear she is nice cow and let's be honest, she is more famous than I will ever be. Sigh. - Lulu

9:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't discount southern VA, baybreak, Norfolk and Newport News are long-time blue spots too.

12:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh and peanuts!

1:05 PM


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