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Monday, December 04, 2006

Molester Cries "Bingo!"

In a year where "Passing the Buck" is the new favorite hobby of politicians, actors, and musicians, alike, Floyd Kinney Jr. of Easton, Pennsylvania, has taken the trend to a whole new level. Kinney was in court this week on molestation charges. When asked to explain himself, Kinney told the judge that his wife's Bingo* habit made him do it. She spent so much time chasing the Bingo high that she neglected her husband, which caused him to turn to molesting young girls. In defense of his actions Kinney said, "She would be going to bingo three, four times a week. I told her to stop going to bingo, and she said, 'If they had bingo every day, I'd go every day." The judge replied, "Some people, when their wives are not home, decide to do other things, like clean their living rooms."

Kinney's attorney felt that his rather inarticulate client failed to "convey his rationale to the judge." Is there a GOOD rationale for molesting children that he should have conveyed? If there is, I would agree that "my wife plays too much Bingo" is probably not it. Maybe he should have gone with "It was my alcoholism". That's been popular this year.

*On a side note…in Spain, you don’t yell “BINGO!” when you win. And their Bingo cards don’t have the word BINGO on them. They are just a bunch of numbers on a grid. Scooter and I had an uncomfortable conversation when we played Bingo in Spain and had to ask how to play. The guy we asked just kept saying “What do you mean how to play? Is Bingo! Is Bingo!” See crazy European "Bingo" cards, here.


Blogger scooterlulu said...

What LuLu failed to mention is that although the game was scary and foreign (literally) to us, we still managed to kick some serious ass, winning a bottle of super cheap wine and other craptastic prizes.

3:25 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

We won, like, ALL the prizes. We won both door prizes, $15 euros in Bingo, and another $10 Euros for some trivia game. They started referring to us as "The Americans in the back" and everyone would sigh when we would win. That was good times. I carried my wine all the way back to the US. Reminds me I need to drink it. -Lulu

3:42 PM

Blogger (A Little) Gris Gris said...

degenerate gamblers! gah!

2:10 PM


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