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Monday, December 11, 2006

Google: It's not just for finding free porn anymore!

They want to destroy us. They hate us for our freedom. They are developing nuclear capabilities to ensure the annihilation of Isreal. Who you ask? The Iranians of course.

Of course, knowing the GTB fanbase you want specifics. Which Iranians? Do you have any names?

Well you can find the answer to those questions in the same place you would go to find out which car is ranked the "gayest car ever"***


That's right, according to the Washington Post the CIA has turned to google to find out which Iranians are hell bent on developing the bomb and wiping us off the face of the earth. Lucky for you the GTB has obtained a transcript* of a top-super-duper-secret conversation held between Johnson and Smitty at the CIA.

Johnson: Smitty, we need the names of Iranian terrorists ASAP.

Smitty: But sir, we don't have any intelligence that can give us this information.

Johnson: Did you try the phone book?

Smitty: Yes sir, I tried that but all I got was one Alam Astami who lives at 1232 Evergreen Terrace.

Johnson: He'll do, but we need more names.

Smitty: Sir, I've got it. What if go to google and type in "Iran and Nuclear" and see what names pop up.

Johnson: Smitty you 'ole SOB you are a genius, this is promotion material I tell ya, promotion!

* In full disclosure when we say "obtained" we of course mean "created a conversation we believe may have happened" but that said, they really did search for "Iran and Nuclear."

Who needs plastic and duct tape when these geniuses are protecting us.

*** By the way, the gayest car ever, according to a recent google search is the Mazda Miata.


Anonymous Danielle, Jenny's old roommate said...

Googling Failure is much more fun, especially if you're a Dem...

4:08 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

ahh yes, the beauty of the google bomb.

"miserable failure"

there are a couple other good ones but i dont remember them. anyone got more?

i'm gonna google "google bombs" and see what i get. Ha!!


4:21 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

Try liar or Santorum. those are good ones too


4:23 PM

Anonymous oneproudaardvark said...

Google "the answer to life the universe and everything" and the google calculator will tell you 42. More evidence that, slowly but surely, geeks will rule the world.

10:12 PM

Blogger Daisy Hardbottle said...

Both Google and have been "gateway" sites leading me to my extremely unhealthy wikipedia addiction.

11:24 AM


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