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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today is the Day!

This morning, Scooter and I realized something about ourselves. We follow politics like some people follow sports. We hate football and have never really understood the allure. That is until today's sudden realization that politics IS our football, which makes Election Day our SUPER BOWL. The one big difference is that on Super Bowl Sunday people look forward to seeing the commercials, on Election Day, we get excited for the commercials to end. No more scary voices talking about how one candidate or another loves pedophiles or anthrax or has spent billions of dollars funding terrorism. No more push polls or robocalls. No more yard signs or heated debates. We wait for election day for an entire year, but by the time it arrives, like most people, we can't wait for it to be over.

Since we LOVE politics and we want this election to be over, we know you are probably sick of it too. So rather than pass along who or what you should vote for this election day (if you are reading this blog, you probably care enough to research your vote before you cast it and as long as you did your research, we don't care who you vote for*), we thought we would pass on a little election day humor.

NPR's "Marketplace Players" had a hilarious take on ballot initiative advertising. If you are sick of the ads and sick of the BS, swing over to THIS LINK and either listen or read the transcript. At the very least it will kill 2 minutes while you anxiously wait for the polls to close.

*That's a lie. We do care. If you are in AGAINST the Marriage Amendment (it is mean-spirited and unnecessary) and FOR Jim Webb. In Maryland, just vote Democrat straight down the ballot, and vote FOR the Disposition of Park Lands. If you are in DC, get off your A and go vote for Fenty. How bad will you feel if he loses and he has to fire all those people he hired before he even got elected because you were too lazy to go vote? I don't think we know any of the 8 people who live in Missouri, but if we do and you are reading this blog, go vote for Claire McCaskill, she is in an incredibly tight race and I hear she is nice. Ritchie...Harold Ford needs your vote in TN. If you are in PA and you voted for Rick Santorum...stop reading, go to a mirror, and punch yourself directly in the face.


Blogger scooterlulu said...

You forgot about the strong readership we have in Montana. All our GTB fans there need to vote for TESTER! And Connecticut GTB devotees for Whitehorse. Anyone? Anyone?

I just got back from voting. I wrote in Elise Bernard for ANC 5B08 (Thats advisory neighborhood commission). Now THATS democracy.

Fumbles, that's the lady who does the Frozen Tropics Blog! She's running for office.


1:20 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

Sorry Connecticut & Montana readers. I puffy heart you!


1:22 PM

Blogger CaptainAdventure said...

I was working the polls in good ol' Virginia this morning, where the polls open at 6am, for the Commonwealth Coalition ( I decided to ditch the script I was given and asked people read the entire amendment before they made their decision. My reasoning was that it was a logical argument that you couldn't really disagree with. "No, I won't read it before I vote to change the Constitution." But sure enough, some folks said no. Huh? Then, the Republican "sample ballot" only listed the first flippin sentence of the Amendment proposal. You know, the one that says "only a union between one man and one woman may be marriage...". They conveniently skipped the part where they disallow ANY legal recognition of ANY unmarried people. I pointed this out and their response..."oh well".

I can't imagine that people really WANT to make it so that a woman can't get a restraining orders when their boyfriend is beating them. I can't fathom that a person would intentionally make it such that one person wouldn't be allowed to visit their loved one in the hospital, even though they had taken those legal precautions.

Just like the GTB kinda said, I don't care what people vote for so long as they know WHAT and WHY they are voting that way. This deceptive BS makes me furious.

1:53 PM

Anonymous Disenfranchised in DC said...

Um, I think Scooter might have meant that folks in CT should vote for Lamont. Next door in Rhode Island, they could vote for Whitehouse… but I’m not sure who Whitehorse is or what s/he’s running for.

2:53 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

Just to clarify, by Connecticut i CLEARLY means Rhode Island and by Whitehorse i OBVIOUSLY means Whitehouse. Good thing I know our GTB viewers are smart enought to know this**

I'm getting to caught up in the excitment I cant get the words out right!


** Thanks to a certain email for pointing out this minor error :-)

2:55 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

Good thing Scooter is only voting in DC where his vote doesn't count. If we let him loose in a real state election God knows who would end up in power.


3:00 PM

Blogger (A Little) Gris Gris said...

Perhaps I'm the only Floridian (by orders, not by choice) who subscribes to the GTB - but please do not forget to vote AGAINST Katherine Harris for Senator. And, while we're at it - Jim Davis would really appreciate your vote for Governor.

Looks like Mr. Santorum is out, out, OUT!

And, LOVE and LUCK to all in VA.

4:20 PM


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