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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kids Really Love Crappy Stuffed Animals

So I originally saw this story last week and made a mental note to follow up, share it with our esteemed readers, and maybe give it the “Tara-ble Idea Award”. On October 24th, 3-year-old Robert Moore of Antigo, WI was shopping with his grandmother. When his grandmother turned around for just a moment, the child climbed up the prize claim shoot of a claw machine and got himself stuck inside. Eventually he was freed by rescue personnel (your tax dollars at work). This alone is a hilarious enough story to share, but what made it really interesting is that the article included pictures, not just of Robert Moore, but of MULTIPLE children stuck inside of claw machines (mostly at Wal-marts).

I laughed and made a note to post this story when I got a chance. When I went back to find the story this morning, a DIFFERENT story popped up. Five-year-old Joshua Walke of Abilene, TX got stuck in a claw machine 2 days after Robert Moore. That’s 2 kids stuck in claw machines this week. In fact, so many of these same stories popped up when I googled “boy stuck in claw machine” that I couldn’t even sort them out. Turns out…this happens all the time (mostly at Wal-marts).

Now, I’m no claw machine engineer, but doesn’t it stand to reason that if little boys all over the country are climbing into these things and getting stuck, the design should be altered? Here’s what I would suggest…a one way trap door that swings down to let prizes fall, but can’t be pushed up so curious little boys without parental supervision can climb inside. Or maybe cover the toy drop trap door with metal spikes…or razor blades…or malaria.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do girls ever climb into claw machines?

4:05 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

I just had a funny thought...if I had a kid who did this...before I called the fire department or got the sledge hammer out of my car to get him out...I would put in a quarter and chase him around the box with the huge metal claw. Maybe he would learn why civilized people don't climb inside of vending machines or chance gambes.


4:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmmmm claw machines full of candy.

5:25 PM

Blogger The Pink Totebag said...

Yeah, um, they do one of these stories every 6 months or so on the Today Show. It invariably has the little kid, sitting at home on the couch between his mom and dad. He doesn't say anything - just sits there kind of bug-eyed while his mother recounts the tale of how she "had her back turned to pay the cashier for just a second, and 'poof!' he's in the machine." I think I also love the fact that, before they free the kid, they get some camera to take lots of pictures to commemorate the occasion. Lu, you would think that your idea of maybe, oh, redesigning these machines would cross the companies' minds... I also wonder: if a kid is so skinny that he can climb up into a claw game, perhaps his time would be better-spent trying to crane his wrist up into the little metal door on the candy/gumball machines. I personally was never successful at this, but hey, we all tried it. At least then he would be putting a little meat on his bones from all that fabulous candy.

Also, on a side-note, Steve's mom always lied to Steve about those machines when he was a kid - telling him that there were worms and bugs in them so that he wouldn't beg for pennies and quarters at the grocery store. Too bad our mom likes to tell us the truth. She could have saved herself alot of headaches and spare change if she had just come up with a gem like that one...

10:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She still sticking to that story about the worms btw. Poor Caroline will never get any bubblegum out of her granny!

4:58 PM


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