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Thursday, November 09, 2006

If it Looks Like a Duck and Walks Like a Duck...

The election is over, but let’s try to keep the fiery momentum that politics elicit from you all for something a little more “GTB”.

Britney Spears (who recently filed for a divorce from famous nobody K-Fed…who, by the way, CNN lists as “rapper Kevin Federline”, uh, I don’t think so…after requesting said divorce via text message) was suing US Weekly for defamation after they published a story mentioning the existence of a Britney/K-Fed sex tape. I say “was suing” because the suit was tossed out of court this week. Why you ask? Well, according to the judge, if you portray yourself as a big ho, you can’t scream defamation when someone suggests you may have made a sex tape. The judge used a lot nicer legal jargon, but essentially she ruled, “You can’t ruin someone’s reputation if they have already done it for themselves.”

In other news, approximately 19 seconds after Britney filed for divorce, a 19 second clip of her non-existent sex tape showed up on the internet. No confirmation that it is actually Brit, but it looks a lot like her and conveniently enough, the man she had just sent back to the trailer park does have a copy. Hmmm…I smell a conspiracy…but I wonder if K-Fed knows what the internet is. It is more likely that he melted his copy of the tape in his toaster trying to make breakfast. If he did leak it, there is a lesson in this, if you are planning to ruin somebody’s life, get the copy of your sex tape back from them first.

I will give Brit props for cleaning herself up a bit. It looks like she is readying herself for a long-awaited comeback. Hopefully the divorce means we won’t have to hear K-Fed on her new album.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll bet its from Camp Britney, trying to get the DVD sales of Chaotic up.

4:50 PM


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