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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Katherine Harris Weighs In on the Foley Debate

Katherine Harris (like everyone else) has weighed in on the Mark Foley scandal, but the funny thing is, a news channel actually gave her opinion air time. See the video, here. My favorite part is when she says, "If anything, the Republicans didn't know about these issues." Well, Katherine, according to Fox News (and every other major media outlet...and the FBI), the Republicans did know. Like a year ago. Oh, nobody called you? Maybe because you are crazy? I have a feeling that when Katherine Harris says "The Republicans" she means herself..."I Katherine Harris didn't know about these issues". It is kind of cute how she thinks she is still a big time player in the Republican party. She reminds me of a jilted wife. Always cooking and cleaning and ironing and skewing election recount results for her husband just to come home one day to a note that says "I don't know you. Please stop calling me, sending me your underwear, and boiling bunnies in my kitchen". Maybe Katherine Harris and Morgan Wilkins could form some sort of support group?


Blogger CaptainAdventure said...

How does she make those faces? It is like her whole world smells like socks left in my boots in the car for a week, in the summer. It must not be easy. And yes, I within the context she used "Republicans", she meant that she did not know and that she believes she embodies all that is republican. Interesting concept.

10:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess she's got time on her hands since her campaign is going down in flames. The score (this year) The Forces of Justice 1, Bitter Harpy from Mouth of Hell, 0.

2:24 PM


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