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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Do YOU want to be a HERO today?

You might remember awhile back we posted a PSA about how YOU could help The Hoff (like the Hoff really needs any help from us…gosh!). Well, today is the day. When I fired up my e-mail this morning, there it was, the long awaited “Hoff Alert” directing me to go this instant and purchase The Hoff’s bitchin’ single “Jump In My Car” the hope of course being that we the people could catapult our hero to the top of the charts in the UK. Since I can assume that very few of you actually signed up for the “Hoff Alert”, here’s a link to purchase the single. Don’t even think of getting it off of ITunes…since we are mostly Ugly Americans here at the GTB, we can’t purchase from the UK ITunes store and therefore, our efforts will be wasted.

In other news, The Hoff (who Princess Diana did not have a crush on) fell asleep on camera and made inappropriate advances towards a female interviewer while promoting his new album in the UK this weekend. Contrary to how it looked, he insists that he was not drunk and does not have a drinking problem (you may remember this came up before when he was thrown out of Wimbledon for being a dirty drunk…and when he was accused of beating his ex-wife); rather it was “the sleeping pills".

Remember folks, drugs and booze are just the trials and tribulations of being a star. It doesn’t make The Hoff less awesome…it makes him human. Help The Hoff…NOW!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just feel sad for the poor puppies in the photo. They had to sit on Hasselhoff's goodies! I'm sure that there's laws against this kind of abuse. Where the hell was PETA on this one?

12:16 PM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

i hear ya anon. That pic seriously gives me the heeby jeebies.

12:42 PM


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