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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Periodically, Scooter and I will be posting Good Times Blog Public Service Announcements (GTB PSAs). These are things that we believe you, our ENORMOUS readership, must be made aware of in order to avoid delinquency or dereliction of duty.

This link was included as part of a comment under my original post on how much I love the Hoff, his music, his videos, and the joy and harmony he brings to planet earth. Since not all of you read the comments, I thought I needed to bring this to your attention. As I mentioned in my post, the Hoff is having a rough time. You can help him out by simply entering your e-mail address and eventually purchasing his AMAZING single, Looking for Freedom. You'll help send the Hoff to the top of the charts AND you'll be able to add this mind-blowing symphonic masterpiece to the "favorites" playlist on your iPod. Click HERE to help the Hoff (make sure you read the is informative and hilarious).

*Yes. That is a DIFFERENT picture of The Hoff in a Speedo and Cardigan. Still just as sexy.

**Thanks to Robdraw for the tip!



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