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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The end results of having "just one more drink!"

Sticking with Lulu's theme of ignoring the scary scary reality of what's really going on in the world I stumbled across this story and thought I'd share it.

Louis Rosano, 39 of the Bronx passed out on the Rooftop deck of The Eagle (for our homosexually challenged readers that's a "chain" of popular leather gay bars). and found himself locked in to fend for himself when finally sobering up. Apparently not till lunch did the poor sap get rescued.

The best part is his comment to the incident; "You know they're supposed to check the club at closing," the bleary-eyed man said after the rescue. "Well, the idiots didn't."

Sounds like he had a good Tuesday night!


Blogger Fumbles said...

Things I learned today on Good Times... I am homosexually challenged. I had no idea that there were "chain" gay bars, much less those of the of leather variety. You guys have been holding out on me!

12:29 PM

Blogger (A Little) Gris Gris said...

Gris raises her hand: H.C. as well.

Good old Rigo Rodrigo (why can't my name be THAT cool?) heard the poor SOB hollering for help and instead went to lunch? Idiots to the left of us, idiots to the right of us...and a big friggin idiot passed out on the roof.

I think I would have given him a wedgie, put his hand in some ice water, and written all over him with a Sharpie. Alas, I missed out again!

7:01 PM


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