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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Could Clay Aiken be K.D. Lang?

The chances of lightning striking twice are…pretty small…I think…but the chances of the GTB stumbling upon 2 vast conspiracies of identity are slim to none. Alas, I’m here to tell you that we have bucked those odds and today I ask you…is it possible that Clay Aiken is actually K.D. Lang?

Here’s what I suspect happened. While between albums, K.D. Lang saw the instant success achieved by Kelly Clarkson after winning American Idol (America’s favorite reality talent show…besides Dancing with the D-List…uh, I mean Stars…Dancing with the Stars) and decided to investigate. Since American Idol is aimed at unknowns and K.D. has had her fair share of success, she decided she should audition under the pseudonym “Clay Aiken”. Surprisingly, she came in 2nd place. Now she gets to tour the country breaking little girls hearts and touching the lives of millions. Using a scientific formula created by me, I would say with 95% certainty that K.D. Lang and Clay Aiken are the same person. My only misgiving is that Clay Aiken has a "Constant Craving" for men*, while K.D. Lang is a lesbian. Maybe while she is Clay Aiken she likes dudes and while she is K.D. Lang she likes the ladies? Sort of like when Clark Kent takes off his glasses.

*While he has been caught soliciting sex from men on the internet, Clay Aiken is not officially gay. For now.

**Thanks to D and her eagle eye for catching this and passing along the tip for inspection.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

with his new look it is even more bizarre. i can imagine the conversation and the missunderstanding that lead to the new dye job. "clay, you have to change your image, so that when people see you they know you're a person that loves the ladies." clearly, he misunderstood and turned into a lesbian.

8:58 AM

Blogger scooterlulu said...

Oh my Gosh! I didn't even SEE Clay D. Lang's new hair before I posted that. He's one pretty lady!

9:56 AM


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