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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Riddle Me This

If you have been wondering if we have already gotten bored with this whole blog thing, you would be 100% incorrect. Scooter is on vacation (because that is what Scooter does) and I am attending a scientific meeting on everything new and exciting in the world of Diabetes research. While here, I have stumbled upon a mystery for you…every diabetes drug makin' pharmaceutical company that is attending this meeting is giving out free CREPES...why? Now, I’m no Doctor, but aren’t crepes exactly the sort of thing diabetics are supposed to stay away from? Call me crazy, but it smells to me like those bastards are trying to keep the gravy train rollin’ by making them some new patients. Mmmmm….sweet, sweet, gravy.

P.S. While searching for this picture of Sugar…I found THIS (worth at least 12 seconds of looking and a full minute of wondering how long it takes to dress that squirrel):


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog! This link was fabulous, by the way. Best of luck and please keep the entertainment coming.

8:43 PM

Anonymous Suzy Q said...

A few things come to mind while reading this. First, I can almost see the domino sugar sign from my house. Second, I think the people who dressed that squirrel up may have been the neighbors behind our house that would "rescue" squirrels and chickens. Third, obviously the diabetes doctors have a vested interest in continuing the "gravy train." They should have, however, gone with rock candy, I know that did wonders for me.

10:04 PM


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