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Monday, June 19, 2006

Dog Receives Prestigious Award, Scooter and Lulu Still Awaiting Recognition

A news blurb on NPR this morning alerted me to the fact that hero dog Belle, who used a cell phone to dial 911 when her owner had a diabetic seizure, is coming to Washington, D.C. today to receive the prestigious VITA Wireless Samaritan Award. This is an incredibly heartwarming story, but I have one nagging thought:

“By simply licking and sniffing the tip of Weaver's nose several times a day, Belle can detect through taste and smell Weaver's blood sugar levels. When his levels drop below normal, Belle warns Weaver buy[SIC] whining and pawing at him…Weaver awoke that day feeling badly. Belle whined and pawed at her owner, but Weaver misinterpreted Belle's actions as a sign that she needed to go out. Within minutes, he slipped into a diabetic seizure.”
ORLANDO, Fla., May 26 /PRNewswire

My only question, couldn’t a dog, that has been trained to dial 911, on a cell phone that probably had really TINY buttons, be taught 2 completely DIFFERENT actions, one for “I need to poop.”, the other for “You are going to have a seizure…now.”

It is just an idea. I of course am in no place to judge since if I have a seizure, my dog has been trained to stare out the window and bark at plants.

*The dog pictured is not Belle. This is a different dog that also makes phone calls.


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